Wow, not how

By Hugo Sanchez

Happy Friday,

When delivering a persuasive presentation aimed at selling your services, it's far more effective to WOW your audience than to explain HOW to execute the change.

WOWing your audience means creating an emotional response in them. You're sparking light-bulb moments by providing evidence and overcoming objections, so they realize that hiring your services is the right decision.

This skill is especially crucial when preparing for a sales webinar. When I help a client prepare for a sales webinar, we follow this process:

  1. Define Desired Outcome: What do I want my audience to say, think, or do at the end of this presentation?
  2. Design an Emotional Connection: How do I want them to feel?
  3. Epiphanies: What beliefs must they have to say, think, or do what I wrote in question 1?
  4. Evidence: What evidence do I need to present for them to believe this?
  5. Objections: What objections can get in the way of their decision?
  6. Objection Crushers: How do I overcome these objections?

The Evidence and Objection Crushers become the teaching points for the webinar. You donʼt want to have more than five teaching points to maintain focus and impact.

I hope this was helpful. In appreciation,


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