Why Newsletters Are My Favorite Marketing Strategy

By Hugo Sanchez

Last Saturday, I woke up to an email that brightened my day.

“Dear Hugo,

Nice to ‘meet’ you. Juergen has had great things to say about you and, just this morning, he sent me your newsletter below. Could we please have a chat?”

Receiving messages like this is always a thrill, but it’s also a powerful reminder of the effectiveness of newsletters as a marketing tool. Newsletters are not only the most cost-effective channel for reaching your audience, but they also help you:

  • Position your expertise
  • Increase your authority and reputation
  • Gain top-of-mind awareness
  • Maintain relationships
  • Get referrals

Unlike social media platforms, where you risk losing visibility due to algorithm changes or account issues, you own your email list. This ownership allows for direct and consistent communication with your audience.

People have a very personal relationship with their inbox; being allowed into someone's email is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. I have been doing email marketing for 6 years and have learned a few key lessons. Here are my key takeaways.

Lesson #1: It's all about the relationship.

Newsletters allow for a direct, personal connection with your audience. You don't need thousands of contacts in your CRM to benefit from a newsletter. What truly matters is the relationship you cultivate with your list. Aim to be warm and approachable in your content. Yes, provide value and insights—but don't just hide behind the data. Instead, reveal yourself: tell a story, and express your point of view.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Write from "I" instead of "we." Avoid sounding too big or corporate.
  • Remember, you are writing to an individual, not a group. Don’t fall into the trap of addressing a crowd of nameless faces; instead, aim to foster a personal connection with each reader.
  • Understand who your audience is and what they want. Always add value. Create content that meets the needs or fulfills the aspirations of your readers.

Lesson #2: Frequency matters.

Consistency is crucial, especially when it comes to newsletters. Regular communication with your audience not only builds trust but also ensures your brand remains top-of-mind.

My friend, Max, drove this point home when I missed sending out my usual Friday newsletter a couple of weeks ago. He sent me this candid message:

“Hugo: I wanted to let you know I love your newsletter. Very inspiring. You said it would be every Friday, but I can't find the one from last week. I checked spam and it didn’t go there. Not sure if it’s something on my end. Not a code red—just really look forward to reading it weekly! Thanks. Max”

Max’s message was a touching reminder of the importance of showing up consistently.

Lesson #3: Segment.

Effective communication requires understanding that you don’t speak to everyone in the same way. This principle is crucial when it comes to your email list. Segmenting your audience allows you to tailor your messages to meet the specific needs and interests of different groups within your audience, enhancing
engagement and response rates.

Sometimes you’ll have very clear segmentation from serving different markets. But what I typically find is that everyone on your list can benefit from the content in your newsletter. In this case, what I like to do is a segment to deliver relevant content that resonates with where each subscriber is in their journey with your brand. Consider the framework in the table below.

Email Marketing Done Right - What your audience needs to receive based on their customer journey

Lesson #4: Have a differentiated approach.

I owe this lesson to Rosemary. During our strategy session, I asked Rosemary, a renowned public speaking coach based in Miami, "What do you find the most valuable about our work together right now? What is working the best?" She immediately responded, "the newsletter." I asked Rosemary to share a word of wisdom with my audience; her response was spot on:

"Email newsletters are immensely useful ways to build, grow, and serve your audience directly. But you must have a clear purpose, a differentiated approach, and a consistent framework. Ask yourself:

  1. What are you providing that your readers can't get elsewhere?
  2. Are you offering pure value or selling a product or service?
  3. What is the frequency and cadence that will keep your readers engaged?
  4. How much free content is enough, and how much do you keep behind a paywall?

Leverage your content for social media, blogs, and articles on LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, or wherever your audience goes for a deeper dive into your topic."

Rosemary Ravinal, Public Speaking Coach.

Newsletters are the ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy for Coaches and Consultants.

Newsletters encapsulate the three essential R's of selling professional services: Relationships, Referrals, and Reputation. By regularly engaging with your audience through thoughtful, personalized content, newsletters help nurture and deepen existing relationships. They are powerful tools for keeping your services top of mind, encouraging satisfied clients to refer others to you. Furthermore, they serve as a platform to showcase your expertise and thought leadership, significantly enhancing your professional reputation.

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